Joe Returns!

You are surely wondering, perhaps out loud, where Joe has been these last many months.

After a tragic incident on Halloween night 2016, Joe was rushed to the hospital, and by midnight, in a coma. This coma lasted 14 months. Then just as the great ball fell in New York on New Year’s Eve, Joe woke with a start, as one wakes after sleeping through an alarm.

Mrs. Joe must have known that Joe would want to catch up on the news whenever he woke, so a stack of newspapers lye at Joe’s feet. After Joe got a glass of orange juice, Joe picked up one of the newspapers in the stack and read the headline. It was from shortly after his accident, in November 2016.

“My God,” uttered Joe. The glass of orange juice shattered as it hit the floor. Joe stared at the headline for close to a minute, then soberly read the full article. Joe read and re-read the article. This was big, really big, you might even say yuge. There was no doubt, this will have global ramifications for 4, or maybe even 8 years.

Questions swirled through Joe’s head. Joe had only been awake a few hours now and had not left his hospital room. Was the United States recognizable from 14 months ago? Now that this had happened, had race relations collapsed? What was our relationship with Mexico, with Russia, with North Korea?

Joe wants to tell you exactly how Joe feels about this development. But that will have to wait, because Joe is also hungry, and it’s time for breakfast.

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