Joe Walks Out

Today, Joe joined the millions of students and teachers across America as they walked out in protest of a terrible injustice. The circle of violence must end.

People’s lives are being ruined. Joe, and countless others, have had enough. It’s time to take a stand. It’s time to say that enough is enough. How many more must suffer before we do something?

There are some who disagree with Joe, who would say that things should stay the way they are. That principles are more important than real life consequences. After all, our wise leaders decided centuries ago on a set of rules that should never be broken.

Well Joe has something to say about that.

Those rules were made for a simpler time. Technology has changed the game. We must evolve and adapt, not blindly follow aged conventions. You on the other side, you will lose in the end, as evil always does. Justice and truth are on our side.

Don’t think that this movement will be forgotten after today’s walkout. Oh no.

Joe will not stop until America moves past these archaic traditions. Joe will not be silent until the cries of the victims are heard. Joe pledges to walk out next year, and the next year, and the next year, and every Pi Day until the children of America learn that Pi is out, and that Tau is the true circle constant.

Learn more about Joe’s cause here.

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  1. You got me, Joe! LOLing in the South!! I won’t wish you a Happy Late Pi Day. Instead Happy Late St. Patrick Feast Day. ☘️

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